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"Rosanne Reid is a very special lady. Her pleasant demeanour belies the struggles she has endured.  Rising from the depths of despair and numerous challenges, from childhood to adulthood, Rosanne has used her experiences to inspire and motivate others. Her quiet resolve and determination to help others achieve their fullest potential are remarkable and have endeared her to many.   The UCT Toastmasters club admires her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. We unreservedely recommend her as a Keynote Speaker at any event."  

~ The UCT Toastmasters club                                               









A dynamic speaker, bestselling international author and lifestyle coach who has experienced the struggle and gives the audience a journey on the path to success including tips and strategies that motivates any audience into action with over 17 years in International Business Management experience who has been featured on national and international media...Rosanne Reid is available for conferences, workshops, retreats, training and staff empowerment seminars and events. 

Moving From Pain to Purpose – Pain is something that no one likes and that is very uncomfortable to us as humans whether it is physical or emotional, pain is not something that we want in our lives and they usually try to find every way possible to avoid or get rid of pain. Rosanne has discovered that Pain is not meant for our demise but is only a part of the process for us to become our best and excel at our highest potential. This speech features the anecdote and release we get from removing the mask we wear and facing and embracing our pain and as we heal we help the world to heal.

Biz Growth Buster - A presentation designed with the entrepreneur in mind outlining key business strategies and mistakes to avoid when launching and consistently growing a business nationally and internationally.  This speech will open the business owners mind and motivate them to dominate the marketplace. 

You’re “Called” It is Time to Fly – Many persons know that they have a special gifting or calling upon their lives but refuse to step into all that they have been divinely gifted to do because of fear of the unknown. This speech is designed to motivate, equip and empower the hearer to step into their destiny and untapped the hidden potential that lies within them and fly to success and peace in serving the world.


Birthing the Dream – Having a dream is one thing, but putting an action plan in place in order to ensure that you give birth to all that is within you and achieve the dream is another.  Very often we have dreams and visions of who or what we can become but struggle to believe that the dream is possible for us because of limiting beliefs, generational traits, societal norms and other’s opinions of us. This speech features a step by step process to birthing our dream mentally and physically which empowers the listener to walk in their life purpose and achieve phenomenal success.


From Job to CEO Lifestyle – Leaving a job and moving into creating your own CEO Lifestyle, launching out into the deep sea of the business arena is a very daunting, daring and frightening endeavour for that of the seasoned employee. This speech offers experiences from the Speaker’s transition process from Job to CEO Lifestyle infused with specific strategic life and business steps that one can take and become the creator of their own world and live their Dream CEO Lifestyle.

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