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I suffered from multiple illnesses as a child like asthma, hernia, chronic sinusitis, chronic allergic rhinitis, a benign tumor that lead to one of my near death experiences and allergic reactions. There maybe more that I don't remember but it was so bad that my dad called me "sicky sicky" and I basically lived at doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. 

When I started working 80% of my pay check was spent on medicals bills and humongus prescription bills. Once I realized how sickness was keeping me broke and in debt I decided to do something about it. My father was always a "health nut" so I remember that he always used natural products that worked and I had started a networking marketing business that had a healthy juice product (Tunguska Blast) that helped me, so into the health food store I went and bought myself a "Natural Remedy Bible" and there was the end of my sicknesses. So I thought....

The natural remedies worked wonders but I still had much to learn after getting married and having children I had to relearn how my body worked, "Pregnancy Whacks Your Body Crazy! Really!!!" Now I was a workaholic and didn't learn how to balance rest and work and my body shut down on me twice. I could not function. One of those times my feet stopped supporting me, I woke up got up to go to the bathroom and my body just collapsed back onto the bed because there was no life in my legs. 

This is a snippet of the story on why I am determined to help other's to create healthy, balanced abundant lifestyles. GRAB YOUR FREE LIFE GUIDE below.....where I share 5 of my main strategies I used to get my life in order. 


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